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ious strategy in the promising Chinese market as it works hard to penetrate the world's

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next global trend

second largest economy by adding more locations,▓ with its premium Roastery and Reserve brand▓s.In December, Starbucks opened a Roastery locatio

n in Shanghai, an economic and financial hu▓b in east China, its second after the one in Seattle in Was

  • in terms of mob

hington state on the U.S. west Pacifi▓c.On its very first day of operation, the Shanghai Roastery became the highest gros▓sing Starbucks store in the world, averaging more than double the nu

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mber of transactions of its highly successful Seattle Roastery.The Starbucks CEO e▓xpects to serve more than 1 million customers every year a▓t the Shanghai Roastery."Starbucks has cracked t

  • t. AI-powered reco

he code on China and no Western consumer brand is better pos▓itioned than Starbucks in China," Johnson said.Starbucks has become a major player in China by opening roughly one ▓store each day,

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and the coffee chain will probably have more locations across China than it does back▓ in the United States.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to▓ foll

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  • mation and comics has emerged in China.Mobile games based on other forms of IP products contributed 74.▓56 billion yuan ($11.8 billion) to economic out

    put of China in 2017. They also accounted for more than 60 percent of the total mobile game revenu

  • es, according to a recent report.The report, released by leading Chinese gaming industry database Gamma Data Corp, highlighted the emerging trend of spinof?/p>

    坒 from hot IP rights related to games. IP rights-protected products like digital games will play an increasin

  • ▓gly significant role in supporting g▓aming revenues."From the perspective o▓f users, driven by the love for great copyrighte▓d cultural products, they wi

    ll be willing to experien▓ce related derivative works, among which games will be suitable carriers,"

  • said Wang Xu, chief analyst a▓t Gamma Data Corp. "As China's demographic di▓vidend is disappearing, game developers need to seek new way▓s of expansi

    on. And the IP rights-protected products will help reduce the cost for ▓developers to attract users."Ac

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usiness expansion in fast-grow

cording to the repo▓rt, the pan-entertainment industry has become a key driver o▓f economic growth in China. In 2017, it generated more th

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an 480 billion yuan in economic outp

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  • Starbucks eyes
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ertainment industry sales and reached▓ 200 billion yuan in revenues last year. The gaming segment will gradually play a key role in the ove

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▓rall pan-entertainment market, it said.Curre

ntly, China has 583 million gaming players, mostly those born in the 1990s and 2000s, a group dubbed as millennial

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s. As of 2016, nearly 10 percent of mobile g

aming players are teenagers born in the 2000s.As the digital-savvy young generation attains growing purchasing power

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, their own culture, such as the anime, comi

cs, gaming and online literature, is gaining momentum.Chen Rui, chairman of Chinese popular video sharing platform ?/p>

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圔ilibili, said there is a clear difference b?/p>

坋tween the younger generation and their parents in terms of the demand fo▓r culture and content."Increased material

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d-largest and fastest-growin

wealth, high-q▓uality education environment and access to internet ▓services are shaping today's young ge▓neration's diversified and personalized

August 2014

g market, St

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arbucks▓ CEO Kevin Johnso

eds," Chen said.According to Gamma D▓ata, China had 220 million ACG fans by the end of 2016 and their passion was expected to create an ACG mobile gaming market worth 15.98 billion yuan b▓y 2017-end, up 45 percent year-on-year.Dong Minna▓, an analyst at Beijing-based interne

t consultancy

n said Sunday.In the first

Analysys, said currently the ACG segment's d▓evelopment is in its infancy, and the▓ market will kick into a higher gear a▓fter a few years."Those young groups have a high degree of loyalty to things they really lov▓e, like the ACG culture. Once they select spe▓cific ACG conten

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nings Conference Call of t

illing to pay for what they like, such as playing re▓lated video games."Please scan the QR Code t▓o follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on WechatIntellectual property rights fortify entertainment market in ChinaIntellectual property rights fortify enter

tainment marke

  • t in ChinaIntellectual property rights fortify entertainment mar▓ket in China03-26-2018 11:11 BJTA whole new bus▓iness of intellectual property

    Follow us on Twitter : n said that Ch

  • or IP rights related to digital games, online literature, films, TV dramas, animation and comics has em▓erged in China.Mobile games based on other

    Follow us on Dribble : ina has become

  • forms of IP products contributed 74.56 billion yuan ($11.8 billion) to economic output of China in 2017. They also accounted for more than 60 percen

    Follow us on Google : hi▓s company

  • t of the total mobile game revenues, according to a recent repo▓rt.The report, released by leading Chinese gaming industry database Gamma Data Corp

    Follow us on Facebook : 's fastest gro

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ket in Q1, with 6 percent grow

, highlighte▓d the emerging trend of spinoff from hot IP right▓s related to games. IP rights-protected products like digital games will pl

ay an increasingly significant role in supporting

gaming revenues."From the perspective of users, driven by th

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